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An award-winning multi-media company, based in Trinidad and Tobago, K2K Alliance & Partners (“K2K”) is a leading design-house, that combines costume design with fashion and theatre. K2K, recognized for its artisanal craftsmanship and couture costuming, has been featured in ESSENCE, the Caribbean Beat Magazine and Discover Trinidad & Tobago Magazine. The brand has been showcased in the The New York Times, WSJ, Reuters and National Geographic.


In 2019, an affiliate, NORMI & NORMI Inc. was formed, a luxury resort retail brand, crafted for women. In 2019, the firm made history in Trinidad and Tobago by being the first women-led, medium-sized company to win the "Overall Band Of The Year" title, with its Collection, Through Stained Glass Windows.




K2K  is "Where Fashion Meets Mas (with a purpose)". Since conceptualization in 2010, the brand has focused on three pillars for execution: The Look | The Fashion | The Mas, with a core focus on our 365-Day Concept, making garments that can be used after the Carnival Season. The K2K brand is a contemporary, edgy, and fashion-forward product. K2K attempts to preserve elements of traditional Trinidadian “mas” design through the incorporation of storytelling in each Collection. The designs known for its sophistication and glamor, cater to the client who is looking to be part of a moving canvas of artistic expression. Although the theme of the costumes changes each year, K2K’s inspiration incorporates fashion concepts from icons throughout the ages. Enter the world of K2K, where Fashion Meets Mas with a purpose.


Since inception, K2K focuses on the art of storytelling to craft each Collection, as we believe that storytelling, whether through fashion, music or in the true literary sense, affects and effects change. Combining theatre, artistry and dance, the collaborative work with artists and creatives have resulted in some of the most magical shows. Today K2K brings theatre, storytelling, music, and stage plays to a viewing audience, focusing on original content written by its Co-Founders. The theatrical pillar was created by creatives for creatives.



Since inception, the brand has focused on three pillars for execution: The Look | The Fashion | The Mas

The Look: Make-up and hairstyling concepts

The Fashion: Iconic trends throughout history and new fashion ideals

The Mas: Costuming



The brand’s vision since commencement has been to marry ready-to-wear and high fashion concepts with costuming, with its core focus on making garments that can be used after the Carnival Season.



K2K comprises of four initiatives: (i) Costuming & Theatre (ii) Bespoke luxury pieces (Speciality garments) (iii) The give-back program (The Color of Courage) (iv) Podcasts (The Audible Experience).


In 2019, the Co-Founders of K2K started NORMÌ & NORMÌ INC. an online luxury resort brand that creates capsule pieces for women. NORMÌ, is committed to producing artfully crafted garments that provide an effortless yet glamorous statement for women. Mixing sophistication with sensual; and elegance with timelessness, the capsules are intended to capture romanticism. At the end of the day every woman desires to feel beautiful in her skin, and NORMÌ is crafted for every brand of beautiful

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