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"Tickets! Tickets! Get your tickets to The Greatest Show!" said the salesman at out back. The sounds of the street tickled my senses: the anxious car horns, the chatter of people, the sing-song of the ticket salesman at our back. 


"Mummy! Mummy! The circus is in town. Can we go? Oh please mum? Can we go?"


I looked at the fifteen-foot by fifteen-foot balloon, the words, “The Greatest Show”, as large as life. And, as I paused, I thought of the irony of it all. Life really was “The Greatest Show”. Wasn’t it?  


My eyes grazed at all the images – the ringmaster, the tent, the lights-camera-action – fascinated by how a circus, which is really meant for kids, could have a totally different meaning for adults. Life was like that ring of fire. It was filled with many rights of passage. Life was like that merry-go-round. It was cyclical (because what goes around, comes right back around). Life was like that hot air balloon. Sometimes we experience such momentous highs, but ultimately, we must eventually level back down. Life was also filled with ironies and glorious trauma, but after all the chaos leading up to all our many moments, the only thing left to do is send in the clowns.


I looked at my unsuspecting daughter, her eyes bright with excitement, concerned if she would be able to survive life’s crazy circus. But it was the glimmer in her eyes as she stared at the rings of fire; and it was the awe as she watched the horses on the merry-go-round; and it was the excitement in her smile, as she smiled back at the clowns, that made me say, “Yes, baby. I’ll take you to The Greatest Show”