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understanding the ss24 collection

the salt cr    ssing

desert season


stronger after living today


have you ever put salt to a wound?

I have, many times.

I have even had salt poured onto me too.

Salt burns. But then, salt heals the bruise.

Funny enough, although salt is said to heal, the scar tissue that the salt creates, is permanent.  And while time is said to heal all scars, time does not always prove to be a gentle bandage for a sore.

Life, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, is a salt crossing. And with each pathway, each wrong turn, each crossroad, we earn a welt of experience. 


I will be stronger after living today

understanding the collection

why salt?

 S. A. L. T. is being interpreted as an acronym, which stands for Stronger. After. Living. Today. Thus, the Collection, The Salt Crossing is symbolic for a rite of passage.  


Strange enough, salt is everywhere. It is in the salty sweat as we labor. It is in the salty tears we cry, whether from happiness or loss. It is in the natural environment like the desert sands.

Salt has a long and storied history.  It is more than just a way to season food. It has been used in many cultures, throughout the world and throughout history as a valuable commodity. Since ancient times, many cultures have used it as a seasoning, a preservative, a disinfectant, a component of ceremonial offerings, and a unit of exchange. Salt has even been used to express promises and friendship between people. From a spiritual perspective, slat is believed to have purification and protective qualities that can help the body and spirit to heal.

understanding the collection

why desert season?

 Desert Season, on the other hand, speaks to a time when one can feel spiritually dry, exhausted, and burnt out – a moment when you are forced to ‘suck salt’. It also talks to the encounter with God in the wilderness. 

From a Catholic perspective, the wilderness has been referenced as a place of encounter with God. It is documented that God spoke to Abraham while he was in the wilderness. God also brought the Israelites into the wilderness when He wanted to speak to them at Mount Sinai. Similarly, God spoke to Moses and met with Elijah in the wilderness. However, even though these biblical stories are filled with difficult situations and circumstances, God used these difficult times to communicate something meaningful and powerful. Desert Seasons, therefore, can be a time of spiritual growth. It can even lead to a closer relationship with God / a higher power. Interestingly, Desert Seasons can also strengthen one’s character and teach one valuable lessons about oneself.

understanding the collection

why the salt crossing - desert season?

 Thus, the theme “The Salt Crossing – Desert Season”, wholistically speaks to life’s journey. Fortunately, or unfortunate is it were, the only way to survive the desert is to cross it. And although one’s initial inclination may be to stay put, standing in one spot, and praying for help, will not help you survive the desert. Unfortunately, you will not find a miracle while standing still in the salty sand. The only thing you will become is beaten down by that the too hot sun and swallowed by the sinking sand dunes. Hence, whether you like it or not, you need to cross the desert to develop the strength to face the heat.   

The Collection speaks to attributes that one acquires while crossing the salty desert. Those attributes include endurance, courage, perceptiveness, faith, hope and healing. The Collection therein splits into two clusters, (i) The Desert and (ii) The Oasis, with the names of the sections being derived through artifacts, fauna and flora from Deserts from across the globe.

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